Ta-da List

Ta-da List

An online list for pending tasks and jobs


  • Very easy to use
  • Share lists with different permissions
  • Ad-free
  • Receive list alerts via RSS


  • Too simple for some

Very good

Ta-da List is a minimalist, traditional tool to make lists of tasks you need to do. With absolutely no bells or whistles, it's perfect for people who like to keep things simple.

Ta-da List takes a very traditional approach to to-do tools - create a list (or lists) of things you need to do and mark off each item as you complete it. You can re-order, edit and delete lists, and once every item has been ticked, the list will disappear from your dashboard.

Signing up and using Ta-da List are very simple, but we missed having more mobile device integration or other features to make Ta-da List easier to access while on the move. You can share your lists though, and with various degrees of editing permissions.

Making lists and ticking off items is really all there is to Ta-da List. There's no prioritizing, scheduling, alerts or tagging, but if simple is what you are looking for, Ta-da List List certainly delivers.

Ta-da List - traditional to-do lists with absolutely no distractions.

Ta-da List

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Ta-da List

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